What is BKF?

BKF (Bakgrundskontrollföretagen) is a trade association for professional background check companies. We are thus a quality seal that a company follows laws and regulations and protects personal integrity.

BKF pursues industry-wide issues vis-à-vis authorities and others, and provides members with support in various issues. We are convinced that customers who buy background checks prefer suppliers that are members in BKF. They then know that the services meet a high standard and are performed by professional people.

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On May 31, 2023, BKF met to push through a unique decision introducing a standard of good practice and GDPR practice for background checks. This is to distinguish us, who do legally secure and transparent background checks, from the unscrupulous companies in the industry. By establishing clear guidelines for good background check practice and GDPR practice, the aim is to promote safety and high quality for our members, their clients and individuals.

The guidelines strengthen BKF’s position and are minimum requirements for our members. Membership in the industry association is therefore exclusive to qualitative actors who offer GDPR-secured processes. Through the introduction of this decision, BKF is working to create an industry culture that meets employers’ needs to make informed and well-founded employment decisions while safeguarding the individual’s integrity.

One and the same industry standard

BKF has developed an industry standard which is justified by the fact that an all-too-limited check creates a false sense of security, which means that other opportunities to assess a person’s suitability for employment are not used to a sufficient extent. A background check must give a fair picture – both for the person being checked and for the person who ordered one. BKF’s definition of what a background check must at least include to create a fair and independent image is:

1. Verification of Identity

2. Financial data

3. Legal Matters

4. Analysis performed by qualified personnel

Ethical guidelines 

The following guidelines aim to provide guidance for the ethical consideration members of BKF should take in relation to their clients and the persons being audited.

  • Always protect the integrity of all parties.
  • Treat all information confidentially.
  • Deliver services to clients who are companies, authorities and organisations.
  • Only report relevant information.
  • Do not report sensitive information that could constitute a basis for discrimination.
  • Have an established policy and routine for handling and processing personal data in accordance with GDPR.
  • Have taken technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data.


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